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Patient care — surgical procedures

Decompression tube placement: Nutritional support is the most common indication for PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) placement.

Decompression is the second. In this instance, the PEG tube is connectedd to a suction device to decompress a distended stomach. This is usually performed on patients requiring long-term decompression. These would include those with conditions such as diabetic stomach paralysis (gastroparesis); intestinal pseudo-obstruction; or mechanical obstruction due to malignancy, surgery, or other disease processes. Using a PEG tube istead of a chronic nasogastric tube may improve the quality of life and simplify care in these settings.

In cases where surgery will be delayed, a venting gastrostomy tube is placed in the stomach to decompress the stomach and prevent fluid from going up the esophagus and into the trachea. The gastrostomy tube is often placed using local anesthesia.

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